Our Philosophy

Real doctors treat people, not diseases. At our clinic, care is about you!


1. Care is about you! Call us crazy, but we think that providing health care actually starts with caring!   We care that you’re comfortable, that your concerns are addressed, that you have the time to make an informed decision.  Your health care needs are as unique as you are.  Caring and honoring these differences helps us deliver care plans tailored to meet your individualized needs! 


2. Fixing not managing problems! Who’s interested in forever managing a chronic condition with drugs or expensive treatments?  Why not just fix them?  That’s our approach to primary care whether it’s your high cholesterol or your chronic back pain.  Getting to the root cause of your health problems is what we do!


3. Lifestyle is the best medicine! Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach them to fish and you feed them for life.  Because most health problems are related to lifestyle, teaching you how to address and improve your lifestyle offers you the best hope for sustainable, long-term health.  The reality is this simple; the healthier your lifestyle is, the less you will need medical intervention.


4. Health can be measured and improved! How you feel is generally a poor indicator of your overall health.  Eating a certain food that upsets your stomach, or spiking a fever doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not well (these may in fact be very healthy responses).  Most diseases carry few symptoms early on including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  


5. Working with nature, not against it. Supporting weakened organ systems, retraining the body and mind are all part of our natural therapeutic order.  Living foods, plants, water, nutrients, clean air, sunshine and exercise all powerfully help re-connect and recalibrate the living organism to its inborn destiny.


6. Empowering you with knowledge! Interpreting advances in healthcare research and natural medicine is part of what we do -every day!   The net result includes change, better protocols and more effective patient care.  Health care decisions for many are based on convention, fear or blind trust.  What temperature is too high when your child has a fever?  Where does cancer come from? Are all vaccines categorically dangerous?  Are all vitamins categorically good?   Learning to make informed and educated opinions leads to empowerment and independence. 


7. Mi casa es su casa (my house is your house)! My clinic is here to provide you with care.  This is true during office hours and after hours.  We will respect patients that have made committed appointment times, but will never refuse care to those in acute need.  If I can’t help, it’s because I am truly unable.  I respect each of you and your time as much as you have shown respect to me over the years. 


8. Wellness is a process! Living well goes beyond just preventing disease.  Our clinic is interested in you living your best life ever and is here to support you each step along the way!  The road to great health is always under construction.  Set unreasonable goals, live the life you were destined to live!